Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Something new for me...

Justin was on the trainer tonight for EVER, so I made dinner. Not so unusual, but I've never made (turkey) burgers before! So, I mixed all the ingredients and made the patties and hooked up the BBQ.

I can't speak for him, but I thought mine was pretty damn good.

Here's the "trainer" room right now

And, yeah, the peeeemp bike is still spotless.

Break-in is maybe Saturday? I got a fit day scheduled. Should be good.

Now I'm just hanging out with wine, dark chocolate, and watching "Biggest Loser". w00t.


Jason said...

My shop has that bike in the window. That thing is H.O.T.! I'm loving those white Juicy Ultimates. I might have to get me some of those someday.

I should shoot you the recipe for my turkey ballz. I use the same recipe for my turkeyburghs too. V-Good.

Congrats on that bike.


jameson said...

now that sounds like a good tuesday night! wine, biggest loser, turkey burgers, watching your significant on the trainer and not being on it yourself... oh yeah and the dark chocolate.

I kind of did the same thing but i was in the garage working my bike drinking beer while beth was nailing a trainer session.

we have to ride soon.... so i can drool on you bike!

beth said...

ok, james just tipped me off that this is your blog...how did i not know? i am such a moron. do you have 2 googleprofiles or something?
anyhow, glad to have found it. go get that bike dirty.