Saturday, January 3, 2009

New bike day and some rain

As I mentioned yesterday, my new bike was in yesterday! Hubby was gracious enough to pick it up for me and we took a few pics last night in the house.


My bike is sitting on the floor singing, "I'm too sexy for my owner". No joke.

Luke was ready for some volume today, as was I. Plan was hit the hills on the road bike really early in the morning. It was wet out, and not very warm. I decided today was finally the day I'd get to use my Gore WindStopper bibs. I bought them last year 50% off during a Team Estrogen sale. Unfortunately, here in So Cal it isn't cold enough to require Gore WindStopper bibs very often (read: never, really). I figured at the very least if we did ever move to CO I could use them there. They were 50% off!

I was sorta nervous it'd be way too warm for them, but I needed to try them out at some point. I think they're fairly waterproof as well. Water was beading up them a lot during the ride, and while my feet were SOAKED at the end, I think my legs were fairly dry (sweat aside).

Well, we were about 10 minutes from heading out the door and Luke called. We were suited up and ready to ride, so even though he called it a day without pedaling in the wet weather, Justin and I headed out anyway.

It was really wet out, but not raining. I made it all the way to our first hill without getting wet from anything but the tires kicking up road water.

Once at the top it started drizzling pretty good. We pulled over for food (I couldn't do anything with my Specialized SubZero gloves on) and it was coming down really good. I made it in the near freezing pelting rain for about 1.5 miles before pulling over to ask if it was wise to continue. Justin was somewhat frustrated by the fact that I wasn't into completing the ride as planned. I really was wishing the weather was at least a little better. I had been totally into doing the route we had picked out. But, with really cold hard rain at speed it didn't seem like multiple long descents were a good idea.

For one, no one can drive in the rain. For two, I couldn't see a damn thing out of my glasses. They were completely rain splattered and any rise or break and they were fogged up.

So, I'm picturing us riding down 395 attempting to dodge the small dog size pot holes in the bike lane, a box truck seeing us descending and slamming on its brakes and lots of things flying and not good.

I got kinda disgruntled at the fact that Justin wanted to do the ride as planned, and headed off full of steam. We kept riding for about an hour, but didn't do the route as planned. I wound up about 1.25 hours shy of what I was planning to do, but with the wet weather my body wouldn't have been able to take much more. My arms were soaked and cold (despite lined arm warmers) and I couldn't feel my feet (thin SmartWool socks, shoes, and Pearl Izumi Cyclone shoe covers). Water had either saturated the covers and was leaking through, or it was draining down from my bibs. Either way my feet were cold and wet (not a good combo, even if it was 45F out).

The hot shower after the ride was sweet.

The scene before we headed out

It looks, from the picture, like I had some road grime/grit/dirt on my tights, but really it was beaded up water

My shell was totally soaked through (felt like I had about 5 extra lbs around my waist!)

His glasses were water spotted and foggy

Not to mention the sauna going on in the jacket

Wet smurf

I definitely don't regret getting out there. I learned my Gore bibs are pretty decent for riding in the rain (as long as I'll be on the road bike, anyway), and that I can ride in the rain for at least 2 hours.

Here's hoping it dries out a bit for tomorrow. FWIW, the pimp bike isn't going out there.


Zippy said...

Nice rig. Cha-CHING!!!

runninggunner said...

totally Jealous of the new bike. Sweet!

Ryan Weeger said...

That new Epic is totally awesome! I'm really jealous, for sure.