Friday, January 2, 2009

2008: YIR

It's funny: I've spent a lot of time thinking about my 2008 year in review post for awhile, and now that it's time to do one I really feel like I've got nothin'.

2008 started out with 2 laps at Hurkey Creek. No snow on the ground, and temps were good for riding. I cleaned the rocks for the first time

We trained pretty hard for VQ, and rode in the rain

We did the SRC races

We finished VQ with Steph

Raced at Keyesville in the All-Mountain category

Raced at NMBS in Fontana and Santa Ynez

We got in some quality social time

We rode Noble a few times

Raced at Sea Otter

Did some more races...

I went solo - twice

We shuttled

We hit up SJT

We went to Downieville

We went to Brianhead

We rode Vail a LOT

We got new bikes

Rode SART a few times

Got in some quality road riding

Went to CO on an awesome road trip

I chose XC over DH at Bootleg Canyon

2008 ended with the start of training for 2009. My weekend volume feels a lot lower than the past 2 years (probably cause I'm not training for a local mini-endurance flog-fest), but the time and miles don't lie - I'm pedaling more than ever. Even though about 3 days a week are on the trainer, it's still quality time.

I'm trying to motivate myself back into yoga for the stretching and relaxation. Damn TV keeps getting in my way.

Next year looks to be interesting. I'm keeping my love affair with Ergon Grips and also with SRAM components. I should be building up one new bike, and maybe another. I should be selling one bike, and maybe another.

Yesterday - I started the year off right with a singletrack ride with friends to send Hagerty off in style.

Today - the sun is shining and soon I'll be outside for a regen ride.

It's hard to tell what 2009 will bring, but I hope I continue to pedal circles as much as possible and keep on learning.

Late edit: I'll be honest...I didn't think I was ever going to finish this post! From start to finish (less than a work day) the following has happened:

I got word that my 2009 race bike was in (yay!), I've burned as many calories as I've eaten, and I got stung on the forehead by a bee. The pain has finally subsided, but that sucked. Otherwise, totally looking forward to watching the pieces of my bike hanging out in my garage! Or the house. Or, wherever.

Until I get some trail 411, may be all road riding for us this weekend. Wouldn't be a bad idea, anyway. We spent way too much money in fuel the past week!



Luke said...

great post! pedal octagons for '09...just to mix it up a bit ;)

Pedal Circles said...

You know better than me, but octagons can't be very efficient ;)