Thursday, October 9, 2008

Looking for ride time

My ride time lately has been pathetically low. I realized earlier this week that over the last 3 weekends (10/4, 9/27, and 9/20) I had 6 hours of ride time. Seriously.

About 4.5 hours the weekend of 9/20-9/21. 0 hours the weekend of 9/27-9/28. Less than 2 hours the weekend of 10/4-10/5.


I took Sunday off after 5 days of hard riding in a row. I think I took Monday off as well. Tuesday and yesterday I did intervals on the trainer, but that's less than 2 hours.

The prescription? Hopefully a good 4 hour ride on Saturday backed up with some pavement time on Sunday. We'll see if it works out.

No race for me this weekend. I need ride time more than results.

Hopefully what smoke is left in the air will clear before this evening for some time on the dirt.

(This photo is not from today). The air up above was clear today, and it looked okay to the west. Looking S/E it was smokey, and the smell sort of is hanging in the air a bit. The weather is set to cool down a bit this weekend, so here's to hoping there aren't fires any time soon (like in the next 3-5 years).

Late edit: the reason I opened up a blog post today was for this quote from VeloNews:

"... Your friends are your friends, and your acquaintances are your acquaintances ... A lot of acquaintances are there in the good times, and not there in the bad times, but you know, that’s normal, that’s life. I’m not bitter about it, and I’m not bitter towards anyone, but tomorrow I’m probably not going to be going to dinner with them, either."

Should I consider myself lucky to have learned this while I'm still "young"? It is the stupid things in life (like a drunken joke, for instance) that turn people against you. And while your friends either don't care what you did in a 3 minute window on vacation, your acquaintances might act like it's life or death. And they probably won't ask you what your side of the story is.

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Luke said...

hope you are aren't feeling too bad today!! heal up! there will be plenty of ride time in the future to get you to your goals.