Friday, October 17, 2008

Back on the horse

Last night was my first time riding a bike not a trainer in a week (since the crash). I hadn't done a ton of trainer time either, but I felt ok on the ride. Not sure if I'm just a lot slower, or if the "new" course just isn't as fast, but my ride time wasn't super. Felt like I was pushing it a bit, but I had confidence issues (a lot of them - going downhill and back up). I wound up falling again, on a switchback. Just couldn't get my head around it, I guess. I did do the loose rutted descent both laps, which is good cause the past two times I tried it I wound up having to walk down it. It fully sketched me out, though.

The scabs were hurting, though, that is for sure. Felt like my arm was ripping apart from the inside out. The pain settled in a bit once my legs started burning. Still having a bit of lower back pain, but I haven't been able to do any core stuff and no yoga in almost 2 months. Just one thing after another.

Tonight I'm hoping to do some more trainer time while hubby runs around to another county looking for chain rings. Good times.

Hoping to wind up with around 8 hours of ride time for the weekend. I should be barely moving by Monday morning.

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