Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Okay, first of all…

I was a bit of a Metallica fan "back in the day". I even bought St. Anger. I am not going to buy their new CD without ever hearing anything but the one song (where James' vocals just aren't up to par IMO). I can't find anywhere to listen to the songs. Want people to buy your CD and not download the songs illegally? How about make it available to listen to for starters!

Second of all, I should get to watch my team play again this weekend. No they aren't a prime time game, but the team they are playing owns the market share locally (don't ask me why), so I'm guessing it'll get top billing. Ready for another massacre? I'd settle for another win.

Also, times they are a-changin'. They were more so last week when temps were much cooler than they have been this week. This week it is actually late season hot, which isn't unusual for September, but it is unusual for this summer.

I know I was gone for a few weeks in August, but aside from that and an unspeakably hot weekend in mid-May the temperatures have been extremely moderate, and for that I am thankful. This weekend should be rough with the rides I have planned, but we'll just have to pre-hydrate.

I've cut back quite a bit in alcohol intake, and so far am feeling good. Also I have nothing but clean trail mix (almonds, pistacchio's, dried cherries, dried cranberries, and raisins - no salt added, no baking in oil) for dessert, and I've been munching that like crazy. Trail mix and grapes have been all I've had after dinner (aside from water). I probably shouldn't be eating after dinner, but tell that to my insatiable appetite. And before you ask - no, I haven't been a riding a lot.

Took two days off and felt pretty great today, actually. Climbed the hill at lunch at a fast pace despite the heat and feeling in dire need of water. I took bronze in the hill climb. Damn downshift to the smaller ring at the bottom of the hill. I lost contact then and never made it back up. Another guy fell in just ahead of me. I did pass two guys from work, though, on the climb.

So, at the end of the day (or, just after my ride home) I should have just shy of 1:30 of ride time for today. Another hour or so tomorrow, and maybe I'll throw in an easy flat ride Friday. That's grocery store day, though.

With daylight becoming less and less each day, it's hard to run errands after work and still manage to get home and find time to ride. Perhaps a lunch ride is in order (depending on how busy it is as work).

Last Thursday on my ride I was horribly irritated with my lack of vision. Finally halfway through the ride it occurred to me that I was so terribly vexed because the sun was directly in my line of sight, instead of being a few feet higher in the sky. Soon enough there won't be any sun in my eyes when I ride in the evenings. It's almost time for lights. I'll have to get used to night riding if I ever hope to be successful at longer endurance type rides and races. Currently night riding makes me feel blind and uncomfortable (on a good day). Does practice make it better?

Will be charging up the bike lights soon, but not this week.

Got some mountain climbing planned for Saturday, and some desert flat for Sunday. Good times.

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