Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All clear

The doc gave me the go ahead to exercise, so I did.

The first few intervals were tough. My body really wanted to give in and stop. It didn't like my HR jumping up over 150. Didn't like the discomfort or effort. Eventually I settled into it (the extended rest period midway through didn't hurt).

In the last sets I struggled a little, but my HR was up there and I only moderately wanted to give in midway through.

The last interval I felt great and was ready to hit the race course. Now if only I can manage to get in 3 more days of solid riding maybe I'll have a good race.

Please, no flats.

1 comment:

Luke said...

jelous! i went to go to spin class tonight and the guy that i can't stand was running it...so i said screw it and went home. the looming sunset quashed any cycling thoughts...i need to buy a stinking trainer!...again!