Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekend Update and Food Stuff(s)

Friday night Justin and I drove south after work, and after he had his first PT appointment for his irritated knee. With traffic we got down there just before 7, but Steph had already headed back to school to help out with the evening's football festivities.

That left Justin, Dan and I to fend for ourselves (after Steph made quite an amazing dinner for us to enjoy, if I may say so).

See the Carolan's in the background? That was the beginning of the end! Dan poured just a tad in his almond milk with dinner. Then Justin poured himself a small serving. It was amazing. So smooth and tasty. There wasn't much left in the bottle, so we ran out quite quickly. Naturally, one thing led to another and we wound up at Vons buying Bailey's, Kahlua, and two cartons of Haagen-Dazs Five ice cream.

Stephanie got home just in time to partake of some vino and for the four of us to sit down to a nice game of Monopoly Surfing!

Somehow I managed to be able to get out of bed on Saturday, and we prepped for a long day out at Noble Canyon. Unfortunately due to Justin's non-compliant knee he had to sit this one out. Made me really sad, but he went to hang with his mom before an easy road spin.

I didn't have such a great day on the bike. But, take the good with the bad. Here's a few pics:





Halloween dessert

As for the food stuffs... I haven't been posting much on my food blog, but that's going to change soon. Justin and I are going to try the paleo diet for athlete's here pretty soon. I'm trying to finish up the book, and have one event to do before training starts up in earnest. Soo, we'll be trying out the new "diet" (i.e. way of eating on a regular basis, not a way to lose weight) in a few weeks.

I'll be posting up about it on my more food-ish blog. Check it out there if you are interested in info, recipes (hopefully), and the journey.


Stephanie said...

Love the RR and the photos :) It was a great weekend, minus Justin's bum knee. Hanging with you guys is always fun for us!

p.s. I need to stop looking down when I ride :)

Pedal Circles said...

I don't see you looking down in any pics? My theory is that is caused by road riding ;) But, that's just me!

Luke said...

ice cream...booze! who are you and what have you done with my friends?

Pedal Circles said...

I know; I keep telling Justin that the off-season is when you *aren't* supposed to add superfluous calories ;) Oh well. My weight is up about 2lbs from August or so, but not bad considering I'm lifting 2~ hours a week!

Trying to get in all the boozing and sweets we can eat before our 30-day paleo experiment.

Vu said...

ice cream? liquor? Sounds like the off season training plan!

beth said...

yay! i love posts with pictures of ice cream!