Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Economy stimulation and sweetness squared


I consider myself super lucky that last year in the parking lot of the Keyesville Classic Justin went over and introduced himself to the couple that had a 26" Niner FS bike and a Titus on their roof rack. He single-handedly talked Heidi and her cannons into racing the All-Mountain category, as we all were (Steph, Dan, Justin, and me). Michael raced also.

Michael is an amazing photographer. He has taken photographs of a lot of great athlete's, and in a lot of killer locations. Check out his website to see his work:

Michael Darter

Michael seriously knows how to set up a shot; from trail side pics on a social ride to standing at the finish line of a race, this guy has it going on. He was gracious enough to send over a few pics from Sagebrush that he took. I was speechless. So. Sweet.

We owed big-time on taxes this year, but we still went out and purchased a few non-essential items yesterday: adult-sized coffee pot, and I got some new shoes.

I have shoes for years. Honestly. My shoes don't wear out. I buy shoes a few times a year, but they last forever. My fave tennies are old Adidas shoes that I've probably had since just after college. I think I had them before I moved to Murrieta. They are really dirty and no amount of bleach and soap will clean them, and they're pretty broken down. I have a newer pair of tennies that are shockingly white, and I'm always afraid to wear them to the trail/races cause they'll get super dirty!

So, it was time for some new shoes anyway...

I realized this morning they perfectly matched one of my Twin Six shirts. I'm wearing the winning combo today

Digging the shoes. They're comfy and shouldn't get too dirty this weekend ;)

Here's my new coffee pot

It was on sale! We were leery about paying full price (it was really expensive and no coffee grinder), but it was the only one we found after stopping at two stores that had the built in coffee filter and didn't seem like it would fall apart after one use (some of them were really poorly constructed). I wanted to have the 1-4 cup brew setting since we usually only have 4 cups in the morning. I brewed up 8 today and it was GONE. Justin had two cups while breakfast was overflowing on the stove and I gave him about a cup for the road. Made it a bit too strong, though! Oops!


Slater Fletcher said...

I cannot believe those pics! So nice!

COFFEE!!!!!!! I got some goods for you guys the next time i see ya!

Pedal Circles said...

Slater - sounds great! Hopefully we can get together soon. You guys should do the Idyllwild Spring Challenge!

Stephanie said...

Great shots by Darter...he is an artist that captures the feelings we all have on our bikes so well. (Maybe he'll get some snaps of me at ISC)? :)