Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I don't know what's in the kool-aid...

Yesterday we managed to hit a two-fer on the day for training and I wound up with about an hour 40 of ride time. Good stuff. Lunch ride was a bit chilly, and ended on a melancholy note, but I feel like I got in a decent workout despite the legs feeling a bit heavy still from Sunday's super strength session. Sunday's ride wasn't very long or intense from a HR perspective, but I was thoroughly worked after climbing up over a mile of super steepness. I think the legs are still slightly recovering, but I was able to get in some Z5 efforts today out of nowhere.

This week has been sort of different for me. I haven't had any set workout planned. Yesterday Justin took off on me and while I wasn't really playing cat and mouse, I got in some good hard efforts anyway, and tried to scale back and recover. Mostly sub-threshold stuff. We got in some flat riding on dirt as well and had some fun.

Here's a spy shot of Justin's new toy

He was raving about it! Hard not to.

All I had to say after our short jaunt was, "I don't know what Specialized puts in their kool-aid, but it tastes really effen good."

I was trying to show me without knee warmers, but the photo didn't quite work out. Weather was super nice, albeit windy, in the second time out.

Today I had no idea how I'd feel, or whether or not I'd even be able to ride after work on dirt again, so despite not feeling spectacular, I took off twice on the one climb and hit Z5 again. I'd scale back and Justin would catch up and pedal on up ahead. Otherwise did some SST with very little recovery down into Z1. I felt thoroughly worked at the bottom of the hill on the way back, but so far feeling okay while I "recover" at my desk.

Here's hoping we repeat today. Tomorrow is whatever kind of effort I can muster for 2 hours solid on dirt! I'm STOKED to be riding most of the evening tomorrow without lights!!!

On tap for this weekend is probably 2 days of hill climbing with some intervals. We talked about hitting up Montezuma Grade, but the drive is a bit too far for our weekend plans.

Here's the two profiles of our "local" options...

Sweetness. Hill repeats anyone?


The melancholy-ness... sad day. He's in a much better place.

RIP, little buddy...


Vu said...

Hill repeats? No thanks, I'll substitute that with a race.

How come you guys are not coming to Keyesville this year?

Pedal Circles said...

Laundry list of reasons: too far, too much money, not enough solid training for a full weekend, and family stuff :) And it's not USAC!

It was a lot of fun last year. Enjoy and good luck.

Zippy said...

Sorry about the pooch :( That's a tough decision to make.

Specialized puts crack in their bikes, which you absorb as you ride.

Pedal Circles said...

Kind of like McDonald's?? :)