Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekday updates...

Few and far between, lately. Haven't had much to say! The weekends are jam-packed with goodies and weekdays not so much.

I have a few weight updates for ya, and I bought a bunch of goodies at Trader Joe's. I'm more and more coming to seriously love healthy eating and good food. I don't eat a ton of "rich" foods anymore, and try to stay away from sweets as much as possible. I've nearly cut out all alcohol and have been feeling pretty good and sleeping well (shocking!!).

After our all-out retaliation last Sunday morning the nights have been quiet. Sunday night I did shoring up of my own situation to ensure sleep (Tylenol PM, wax ear plugs, and a shot of Vanilla Rum - YUM) and slept great. I haven't even worn ear plugs all week since and I've been sleeping off and on. I've also made great efforts to be as quiet as possible whenever I'm home (not letting the door slam shut, not having the TV overly loud, not having the radio loud, etc.). I hope this lasts!

However, I have become OBSESSED with food. I live my day around food and when my next snack is. I haven't even been hungry. Maybe I just need to find something to keep myself busier during the day? It's a possibility. Riding is not a big focus this week (it's all about recovery and regeneration for the next cycle - starting this Saturday).

I've got my calories pretty well laid out, and while I essentially eat the same thing every week, I'm trying to change up breakfast and dinner enough that I'm getting a variety.

Cereal is a low calorie breakfast (Kashi Go Lean and Cheerios mixed, with blueberries when I'm lucky).

Bagel and cream cheese is super filling and a great way to kick start the day with a LOT of energy.

New for today - I tried making my own oatmeal that wasn't processed and full of sugar. (I'm a big fan of the Instant Maple & Brown Sugar.) I was eating a ton of that for years as breakfast, and have since moved away from oatmeal. But, we have an entire bag of plain oats that Justin's mom gave us over the holidays (she wasn't eating them) and I can't stand them plain. At all.

So, I asked (and received) lots of suggestions for what to put in oatmeal, and I made some today that included it ALL!

1/2 cup of oats
1/6 cup of Craisins
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp ground flax seed
1/6 cup almond slivers
1/6 cup walnuts
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup of milk
1/3 cup blueberries

It was pretty freaking good! In all honesty, I think the blueberries made it, but it was tasty and seemed filling. At the time. It's chockful of calories (530~), but a little high on the fat:protein ratio - mostly due to the nuts, I think. I figured with that kind of calorie intake at 6am I'd be full for the day. Not so! Wound up kind of hungry again at 8:30-9, just like always.

The cereal has been really filling this past week, but my calories are a bit lower than normal since riding is all easy spinning and really low volume.

Cereal (Kashi/Cheerios mix), milk, and blueberries comes out to 320 calories and a way better mix of fat:protein (7% fat, 21% protein calories vs. 35% to 12%).

Sorry for the extraneous info, but like I said, I'm obsessed lately!

Justin I think hooked it up with a DA cassette over the XTR for a weight-savings of 65g

and then switched out the chain to a KMC (uber pimp - pics this weekend of it installed) for a savings of only 21g.

But, it's supposed to be a killer chain, and not much difference in price from the Hollowpin SRAM chains (correct me if wrong).

With the added weight savings of -45g from removing the chainguard I'm now at minus 131g. Which is good, because next he added some weight.

At SRC #3 I was running the Specialized Fast Trak SLK tire on front with the MaxxLite 310 on the rear - 790g total.

This weekend I'll more than likely be running Kenda Karma's fr/rear (these are amazingly consistent tires when it comes to weight; we got 3 and they were 480, 480, and 481g). New tire weight is 960g. Difference? 170g.

So, we added 41g of rotating weight, but I'm also picking up a bit of rear tire traction. I have no idea how the Karma up front will behave, but I hope it functions okay.

I really liked the Karma on the back of the Dos last year toward the end of the year. It wasn't as fast/light as the 1.8 Bontrager, but it was close!

Just wish the rear tire would seal. It's been flat 2 days in a row.

Last up - the TJ's goodies:

I bought a lot more than that, but there's a selection. We got some whole wheat pizza dough so we're gonna make a chicken/veggie pizza Sunday night (whole grain dough, mixed bell peppers, red onion, marinara, black beans, lentils, canned chicken, lite mozzarella shredded cheese will be used sparringly).

I'll take pics of the oatmeal concoction if I make it this weekend, and also the pizza.

Now it's time for lunch!


OilcanRacer said...

Is that a full ti cassette?

I just a couple of ti cassettes 11-34 with plastic spacers that weigh 131g from nino last month.

beth said...

i hear you on the food obsession!!! the kashi/cheerios/berries mix is one of my major go tos for brekkie and also post-ride.
most days for breakfast i eat 1/2 cup oatmeal (plain oats with splenda, cinnamon, salt) and a side of 1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese w/ 1/2 cup berries. very filling and about 280 calories. you could add a tbsp of maple syrup for a little extra flavor. the winter, i add canned pumpkin w/ pumkin pie spices to my oatmeal and its like a little pumpkin pie (and adds fiber and vitamin b!)

have fun w/ the TJs pizzas this week! next time you're they're, pick up some FAGE greek yogurt. major protein bomb but you need to add a sweetener and vanilla or berrie.

Justin said...

not a Ti cassete. it is a DuraAce 9spd 12-27 tooth. should be good and fast on fairly flat courses. i have debated getting the Ti cassettes but have yet to shell out the money for one.

Pedal Circles said...

Beth - thanks for the ideas!!

Jason said...

You might want to check out Clean Eating magazine as well as the books by Tosca Reno. All about eliminating processed sugars, etc., The books are ok, but the mag is really good.