Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stone Brewery, and some mileage

Luke awhile back suggested a big road ride followed by a brew tour at Stone Brewery. Naturally we took him up on the suggestion!

We had planned earlier this week to hit up a ride including Palomar Mountain. With the impending storm and wet-ish weather that idea was scrapped for a more coastal ride.


It was sprinkling at the start in Esco, but was fairly dry after that. I found early on I was overdressed. The extra pocket was nice, though.

Lots of traffic early on

Sweet new well-working chain

We started climbing up the east side of 15 to Lilac and it started to sprinkle quite a bit.

2nd wettest point of the ride...despite the fact that the photo doesn't show it.

We regrouped, and headed downhill to Bonsall. The descent was a blast. Trevor and Justin off the front, Luke and I just behind. It was good times! We got down to the College Ave bike path for a quick break, and it started coming down pretty good as we rolled out. Luckily I had a rain jacket; unfortunately about 4 miles down the path I got really warm and had to stop to take off the jacket.

Justin spent the next 10 or so minutes blowing himself up so that we could catch the group! It was rough. Crazy headwind.

Got over to the coast and it was sunny and a lot warmer. Off came the layers!

It was fairly uneventful after that, and eventually we got down to Palomar Airport Road and I was toast. The climbs got really tough. Eventually it occured to me at snail pace to try an Endurolyte. Took another little while for it to kick in, but the last monster of a hill I finally felt decent.

Once at the bottom I was ready for another hour or so of riding! Before we knew it we were back at Stone, more rain drops, and beer and food.

We finished up the tour and were waiting around for the free brew. Luke had been looking forward to it, but was out of the room when they were passing out the glasses. I saved mine for Luke. He walked back into the room and not only was I saving my glass for him, but his aunt had the same idea.

Double-fistin'. A happy man.


Zippy said...

Sorry I missed it. Riding and beer got replaced with quality with the girlfriend and work holiday parties for both of us. It happens...

Pedal Circles said...

No worries; next time!