Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mid-week update and thanks-giving

My hamstrings hurt. Today was basically the first day since Saturday that I even really tried to get in a good workout. Sunday was all endurance pace, and yesterday was just regeneration.

Today I wound up with a bit more riding than I had planned. I did 30 mins of easy spinning this morning thinking I'd do my 3x10's tonight on the trainer. However, when my boss offered up the opportunity for an "offsite meeting" at 3pm, I wasn't about to turn that down.

So, we got home and went for a ride before sunset (about 1:15). I didn't get in the intervals just the way wanted (too late for the 3rd, so it was cut short), but now my legs are hurting pretty good. I missed out on some food earlier today, and sleep has been slightly lacking, so maybe it's just a combination. Planning on hitting the sack earlier tonight and not getting up so early tomorrow!

Tomorrow, obviously, is going to be a huge feast. So, I should be pretty stacked on calories. I've been getting a ton of protein the last two days eating turkey like crazy.

Also tomorrow is a few more intervals (shorter, and probably with more recovery time in between). Should be a good time.

The delish turk-eh (the "oysters" are on the plate)

Trainer time last night (Lord of the Rings ain't keeping my mind occupied, btw)

Justin agreed to let me get a new HR strap for the Garmin (it was way cheaper than a 705)

Took it out of the box directly and wore it without one issue. Now we gotta figure out how to seal it better so the sweat doesn't wind up making its way inside the battery spot and corrosing it all up. The old strap was at least a year old, but they shouldn't need to be replaced every year. The battery sure ($9/3), but the whole strap? No. It should last a bit longer than that. The units barely last long.

I'm thankful for quite a bit this year.

First off, I'm thankful for my husband. He makes it all possible. Sure, I do a lot of the chores, but he brings home more "bacon" than I do, and also has agreed to dedicate next year to my racing adventures. That's pretty cool IMO. Killer bike, decent race schedule, and lots of training. He accepts it all and is more than willing to help out.

I'm also thankful to the few good friends that I have. Friends seem to come and go quite a bit, but I have a few that are sticking around. The DenMother always tries to include us and lets us tag along and stay. Her (and Roger's) enthusiasm for riding probably beats out most of ours. It can be 4:30 after a long day of shuttling and hiking to the trail start, and she's still moving faster than me. I only hope I can have that much energy and excitement for biking in a few years ;) Also to Luke who answers my thousands of questions, and even waits up for me on the trail. What more can a girl ask for than guys to chase up the hill?

Always thankful to my family for helping us out when they can. Sometimes they aren't always supportive of our riding and racing, but I know they hope the best for us anyway.

I'm also thankful to be looking forward to next season. I've got a lot of work to do and only a small amount of support. But, it'll be a great experience and I know we'll learn a lot.

Now if only I could make time to finish re-reading Friel so I could get to my nutrition book and follow that up with my soon to arrive mental skills book! I'm diggin' the cheap books you can get through, btw. $4 for a book with a mark on the cover? No problem!

What's that? Get off the computer and turn off the TV? I'm out to shower and do some yoga.

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Luke said...

dig the new header pic btw!

try a mirror in front of the trainer sometime and use an mp3 player. i've found that watching my form keeps me just as entertained as the tv.